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Career Study

Class of 2021:
Emails (most with a video component) will be sent to seniors regularly with information that leads up to Career Study in 2021.
Seniors will have small tasks to help them prepare to be successful.  By doing these tasks, it will allow seniors to be thoughtful with their planning.  Once the information is sent vie email, we will also archive it here:

Addendum (also sent on 5/13 to all seniors):
My apologies, here are two more IMPORTANT things:
  1. If you are interested in continuing to receive free breakfasts and lunches during Career Study, please complete this form for Food Services:  Please complete this form and our staff will prepare and pack 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches every week.  The Drive Thru is open at the High School Bus Loop on Tuesdays from 4PM to 6PM.
  2. If you have any medications with the nurse, please arrange to pick those up, especially if you need them during career study.

Email sent to seniors on Thursday, 5/13/21:
Congratulations, seniors!  We are almost there!  This is your email with loads of information... check it out!
*Save this email as it is your one stop resource for important information.*
PVHS Career Study 2021 starts on Monday, May 17th and runs through Friday, June 4th.

There are lots of opportunities in the CAREER STUDY 2021 google calendar.  We hope that you will join us for some live (zoom) and interactive speakers and job shadowing opportunities.  Please check that calendar and plan to attend as many of those opportunities as possible.  There are opportunities to talk with currently enrolled college students, Human Resource professionals and 5 virtual job shadowing opportunities that are pretty amazing, too.  We hope you attend!

You have been given access to TALK HIRING, an automated mock interview program.  It is our hope that each senior takes time each week to complete at least one mock interview/week.  You have unlimited use of this program during Career Study - please take advantage of this time to practice and improve your interviewing skills.  You should be able to log in using your pv email address.  IF you need an organization code, ours is: udh6

YOUR GOOGLE CALENDARS - Your personal calendars should demonstrate 4.5hours/day or 22.5hours/week of meaningful and intentional activities that you believe beneficial to you.  That may include time working, the Personal Finance class or a variety of other activities.  You need to share your google calendar with your PV Faculty Advisor.  Here is a 1 minute video from one of your classmates that demonstrates how to share your calendar.

VIDEO LIBRARY - If you need to fill some time in your schedule, please check out this list of videos from PV Alum, community members, PFEW, etc.  Lots of great information that is being shared with you to prepare you for opportunities beyond PV.

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT PERSONAL FINANCE classes should appear in your google calendar.  These are five classes at 45 minutes each.  HERE is the documentation that you might want to have on hand during those classes, especially the worksheet on budgeting.

RED CROSS FIRST AID/CPR.  Seniors who were interested in becoming certified should have received information from me.  IF you still want to do this, please let me know ASAP.  We have room for you.  Week 1: video lessons, Week 2: zoom to review, Week 3: practice and pass your certification test (the second two weeks need to be scheduled with me).

GRADUATION INFORMATION: Here is the information packet that was sent out a few weeks ago.  If there are any updates, I will add that information to the Career Study 2021 Calendar that I have shared with you.  Please also continue to check your PV email.

FACULTY ADVISORS: Each senior has a Career Study Faculty Advisor.  You need to check in with that person weekly during Career Study.  If you don't know who that is, please let me know ASAP.

EMPLOYER: IF you need a letter for your employer, you may find it attached to this email, paper copies on my office door as well as additional information on the Career Study website.

GOOGLE TAKEOUT: Are you interested in saving all your Google Drive files and emails to take with you when you graduate? Take a look at these instructions and videos on using Google Takeout or Google Transfer. Please note, your PV account will be disabled and will no longer be accessible after July 15.  
Google Sites does NOT transfer using Google Transfer or Google Takeout. If you have Google Sites you have created and want to take with you (like your graduation project portfolio), you will need to transfer ownership of the site to a personal Gmail account. Take a look at this video for help. In the video, he suggests moving the site, you can also copy the site with the same result.  Google Transfer is an easy way to capture and transfer all your PV Google account files. If you have files that are shared with you, make sure you make a copy of them in your My Drive before using Google Transfer to make sure you get everything.  Here is a one page resource.

RETURNING YOUR PV CHROMEBOOK: Seniors may return your PV Chromebook (AND the charging cord) on either Monday, June 7th or Tuesday, June 8th during the school day in the PVHS competition gym.  IF it is raining, this will get moved to the library.

** Please make the most of your Career Study experience.  This is a great opportunity for you to use your time INTENTIONALLY and to help transition to life beyond PV.  I am confident that you will make us proud.  Reach out to me ( OR to your faculty advisor if you have any questions or concerns.  

Video Message for Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
As of today, I have visited seniors in their English classes to answer their specific questions.  Today, I am posting this video to provide a quick overview for parents.  I would also encourage you to review the 5minute video at the bottom of this website from the February presentation that we gave to the PV School Board.  Please encourage your student to reach out to me if they have additional questions or need more assistance. (

Career Study 2021 Message to Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

Junior Achievement Personal Finance Calendar invitations have been sent to all seniors.  Seniors - please accept those invitations and start building your calendar of activities.  Remember to refer to the opportunities on the CAREER STUDY 2021 Google Calendar for things that might interest you, too.  Commencement information has also been added to that calendar and can also be found here.

Weekly Update #2: (sent via email on 4/14/21)
This week's information is about using Google Calendars.  

Please set aside 12 minutes to watch this video.  It is an introduction to using a digital calendar. ALL seniors will be expected to use their Google Calendar for Career Study.  

You will receive invitations for some Career Study events (eg: Personal Finance) and you will need to create events for other activities (eg: work).  The video should walk you through the basic steps to do both.  You will begin to receive invitations to different events next week (via email) which will create your personalized Career Study calendar (to cover the period of time May 17-June 4).

You will receive weekly emails leading up to Career Study.  Each week, we will cover a different component.  All information will be archived on the Career Study website.

Week 1: (sent via email on 3/26/21)
           Quick update regarding Career Study:
  • Please watch this video (9:30) that covers some questions that seniors have been asking.
  • Complete this survey by Wednesday, April 7th.  This will begin to create the backbone of your personalized Career Study schedule.  (We will be adding more details/content in April.)  
  • One question that has come up and is not covered in the video has to do with finding job shadowing placements within PV Schools... unless you are enrolled in the TAP program, we are not permitting seniors to job shadow in our schools for Career Study.  
        Career Study is a program for ALL seniors at PVHS.
        May 17-June 4, 2021

        If you have questions or need more information, please let me know.  We can schedule a meeting using this link
        This Career Study program is aimed at assisting YOU as we approach graduation and life beyond PV.

The Career Study program at Perkiomen Valley High School has been REDESIGNED to include ALL seniors this year.  Below is a video that was presented to the PV School Board on 2/8/21 by Ms. Karen Moliver and Mrs. Patti Colucci.  This video provides some general information about how we anticipate the program to be offered this year.  

Seniors MAY seek 1/2 time placements (see the sample schedules at the end of the video).  IF you are interested or able to secure a 1/2 time placement, you will need to provide some information about that to Mrs. Colucci prior to 5/17.  These placements might include job shadowing, community service or working at a part time job.

Seniors will be given directions in mid-April to register for the various options. 

Please forward any questions or comments to Mrs. Colucci ( or Ms. Moliver (  We are eager to get your feedback and make this a special part of your senior year!

Redesigned PVHS Career Study Program 2021

Video for Career Study Partners:

Pennsylvania Career Guide is also filled with some interesting information from assessing your interests to budgeting and resume writing.
Useful Videos from PV Grads and Community members
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Apr 30, 2021, 5:11 PM