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PVHS High Lites - May 22, 2020

posted May 22, 2020, 11:58 AM by Kristi Lainhart   [ updated May 22, 2020, 11:59 AM ]

The nurses will be hosting a medicine pickup day on May 27th.  Please contact Mrs. Torrence at atorrence@pvsd.org to schedule a time.

Students who have left items in the school are being scheduled to pick up their items on June 5th (seniors), June 8, and June 9 for underclass students. Students were sent a google form to let us know what items they needed to retrieve. We will notify students regarding their assigned date and time to pick up their belongings.

Working Papers can now be issued if a student between the ages of 14 to 18 is in need for a new job and working papers have not yet been issued.  Working papers are required by the State of Pennsylvania until a student is 18 years old.   Please send an e-mail to kgeorge@pvsd.org for the instructions and procedures that have been established by the State of Pennsylvania during our COVID 19 closure.  

If your child is having a problem with their Chromebook we ask that they submit a helpdesk ticket to helpdesk@pvsd.org. Our technology team will be able to assist.


Seniors/Class of 2020:

The makeup day for cap and gown pick up is May 26.  Seniors who were not able to make their assigned date were asked to fill out this form to note their availability. If your son/daughter did not pick up the cap and gown yet, please have them fill out the above form by Sunday at 10 pm.  They will be sent confirmation Monday.

When the students picked up their cap and gown they received TWO placards. The first was a salmon/orange color and said “Congratulations to..”, which is the one that that is to be placed in the front passenger side of the windshield of the car the graduate is in.  The number on the placard is so that we can easily and quickly look at our list of names of graduates to know who we are announcing.  The second placard is either pink or blue, which contains the text “ Family of…” and can be used if you need a second vehicle for the procession.  Only 2 vehicles will be permitted per graduate and no cars will be permitted on campus without a placard.    But more info will be sent out soon.    If a student did not receive a placard, they did not sign up for a time and date to process. Please contact me if you would like them to attend. 

I sent the students a link for a google form asking them to take a picture of themselves in their gown, holding their cap (they can decorate it!) I might need your help getting these pictures by May 29th.  Picture of Senior in Gown with decorated cap

If you would prefer that we do not include your senior’s name and picture in the virtual graduation video on June 5th or the revised version which will include video of the graduates walking across the stage please fill out this Form by May 26.

More specific information will be sent to you regarding logistics for June 3 and June 4.  We are busy finalizing the event and it is shaping up to be quite the celebration for our seniors. 

Seniors have signed up for a date and time for the graduation procession on June 3 or 4th.  Their placards serve as confirmation of the time and date of their arrival on campus those days.  I

Senior awards will be announced via Facebook Live (the high school’s page) on May 27th at 7 pm. Students who are receiving an award received a letter with their cap and gown. 

The Senior Survey is in Naviance. This must be completed in order to send FINAL TRANSCRIPTS to colleges, trade schools, etc.  

Please double check that students have completed their survey and have taken care of all debts that are currently listed in HAC.  To pay a payment for a debt in HAC you will need to turn off your pop up blocker. You can pay with a credit card or check online (there is a 25 cent charge to pay online with a check).    

Senior students:  Interested in saving all your Google Drive files and data to take with you when you leave PVHS? Take a look at these instructions and video on using Google Takeout. Takeout is an easy way to capture and transfer all your PV Google account files. If you have other files in your PV network computer account, copy them over to Google Drive before using Google Takeout to make sure you get everything! The process can take up to a week, especially if you have a lot of things to transfer. Please note, your PV account will be disabled and will no longer be accessible after July 15, so if you want your items, do the Takeout process before that date.  We are making arrangements for those who have files on the PVTV computers to come in and copy their files after June 5th. 


Please stay safe during this time,

Dr. Cyndi Moss


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