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High Lites Aug 30

posted Aug 30, 2018, 11:27 AM by Cynthia Moss

Good afternoon,

We had a great first week at the high school. The class of 2022 and our new students appear to have acclimated to the high school. I hope to send you these updates at the end of each week.  I will try my best to not inundate you with emails and hope you are able to take the time to read the information in the High Lites.

The new student handbook is on the website under the parent tab. The Handbook should be able to answer most of your questions about the high school.  Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the contents of the handbook.

Additionally, the daily announcements are posted on the website. These are the same announcements that the students hear daily.  Students are emailed a copy of the daily announcements every day. Please encourage your student to read them.

Please contact the HS if you have any questions about anything in the handbook or in the daily announcements.

We begin our new bell schedule Tuesday September 4th. All students are to report directly to their period 1 class at 7:50.  Please note the schedule below.







3 (attendance and announcements at the beginning)




















If your son/daughter is absent, an absence note must be received within three school days of the absence.  Students may turn in the note to the attendance desk in the gym lobby before 7:50am or the main office after school begins.  All early dismissal notes also follow the same procedures. You can email Mrs. Berry, our attendance secretary at cberry@pvsd.org rather than bringing the note to school.

We currently do not have additional parking passes and have a waiting list for parking spots.  We are working on a solution which could add a number of additional student spots. Once these become available we will assign spots to those on the waiting list.

Pictures for grades 9-10 will be taken at the HS on Sept 12 and grade 11 on Sept 13 during English classes.  Students who are not scheduled for an English class should speak to their 2nd or 9th period teacher and get their picture taken during one of these two periods during their grade level day.


All students in these grades must get their picture taken even if you are not planning on purchasing a picture package. Student IDs will be generated from these pictures.


Our seniors do not need to have their picture taken on these days as their ID will be generated from their Senior Portrait.  The final sittings for the Senior portraits are Sept 14, 17 and 18. You must contact Lifetouch at 1-800-687-9327 to schedule an appointment.

We are currently adding the activity fee, senior dues, AP costs, etc to our system.  Once we have them entered we will turn on the fee portal in Home Access Center.  For your convenience, in partnership with Frontstream Payments, the high school will soon accept online payments  through the Home Access Center for outstanding fees. Please note in order to be directed to the Frontstream payment portal you will need to disable popup blockers on your web browser.

To access the payment portal log into HAC and choose the "Fees" tab

Processing fees are as follows:

  • 25 cents per transaction for electronic check payments (requires entering bank routing number and account number)

  • 2.10% for payment with a Debit Card

  • 2.39% for credit card payment

  • 2.89% for payment with a credit rewards card

You can still pay for these items with a check(s) turned in to the school if you prefer. If you have any questions or feel that an error has been made on your student’s account please contact the main office. Thank you for your patience as we implement this system.

We had two fire drills this week, one of which (today’s) was not planned. Today’s unexpected drill resulted in a visit from the fire department. The drill today was due to a student’s actions and there was no fire. We brought the students back into the building as soon as the fire department deemed the building to be safe.

The class of 2019  Graduation Project paperwork is due before 12/1/2018.  Students can complete those projects this summer and hand in their paperwork before the 12/1/18 deadline (next school year).  More information about Graduation Projects may be found here.

All students have a school issued Gmail account. Students should access their email often to receive information from their classroom teachers, the daily announcements and more.

High School Final Exams are scheduled for the last full day of school as well as the last three half days.  Please note that if we have to extend the school year due to snow days, the exams will still take place the last four days of school. We do not give early final exams.

Please keep this in mind as you are planning your end of the school year activities and trips.

An Educational Trip Request form must be submitted to the Principal five (5) days prior to the student’s departure. Educational Trip Form

Approval for such trips is limited to ten (10) school days per year. Any days above the 10 days of absence will not be approved for an educational trip.

Educational trips will not be approved during Keystone Exams or Final Exams

Non-school educational trips are not recommended for students in academic difficulty or with attendance problems and will not be approved.

It is the responsibility of the student to contact his/her teacher to make arrangements to make up work missed during an educational trip.  

College visits and job shadowing opportunities will be counted as non-absences if student returns with official evidence from the college/job (i.e., stationary/business card from college admissions office or from supervisor if job shadowing, and/or other documentation verifying proof of visit/job shadowing).

Upcoming Events

Sept 3rd   No School

Sept 10th   No School

Sept 13th   Meet the Teacher Night 7 PM

Parent College Admission Process 6-7 PM Auditorium

Sept 12th-13th Underclass picture day, all students grades 9-11 must have picture taken for ID purposes.

Sept 14th-18th Final sittings for Senior Portraits, contact Lifetouch at 1 (800) 687-9327 to set up an appointment for these days. Senior IDs will be made from the senior portraits. All seniors are to get their portrait taken for the yearbook and ID purposes but are under no obligation to purchase.

Sept 19th   No School

As always, if you have any questions about anything in this email or about any of our procedures, please contact either myself or any of the house principals.  Our handbook is also a great resource for you. Handbooks

Have a wonderful and safe weekend,

Cyndi Moss

Lead Principal