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PV High Lites Thursday, August 31, 2017

posted Sep 5, 2017, 10:59 AM by Kristi Lainhart

This has been a wonderful week. We have enjoyed meeting the class of 2021 and all of our new students. It appears that most everyone is acclimating to the school year. This week our students watched a “PVHS House Rules” video which outlined our procedures and policies here at the HS.  All of our policies and procedures are found in the student handbook located under the parent resource portion of the district website. All students are responsible to become familiarized with the contents of the handbook.   

 There is no school Friday Sept 1 or Monday Sept 4th. We will resume on Tuesday Sept 5th.

 The next installment of $375 for the Senior Class Trip is due no later than Sept 29th.  Cash or checks made out to PVHS Class of 2018 should be hand delivered to Ms. Coryat, Mrs. Kristofco or Mr. Stipa.


Don’t forget that Meet the Teacher Night is Sept 7th at 7pm. This is a great opportunity to learn all about the upcoming school year.  Bring a copy of your student’s schedule with you!

 If you want to find out more information about the College Application process please join the PV Counselors in the auditorium from 6-7PM on Sept 7th, right before Meet the Teacher Night.


Please check the announcements on our website for the latest information on assemblies, club meetings, etc. They can be found at the very top of the news section. Also, the student handbook is posted on the district website. Please take the time with your student to read through it so that you are familiar with our policies and procedures.


Picture Day is coming! Our 9th and 10th graders will get their pictures taken during their English classes on Wednesday Sept 13th.  Our 11thgraders will have theirs taken on Thursday the 14th during their English class as well.  The two final dates for 12th graders are Friday the 15th and Monday the 16th. Seniors who have not yet had their senior portrait taken must contact Lifetouch at 1-800 687-9327 to schedule a time.   All students in grades 9-12 are to have their picture taken regardless of whether you plan to make a purchase in order to receive a student ID.


I am including the attendance portion of our handbook here so that you can become familiar with the policies. Additional information about early dismissals, educational trips and lateness is also addressed in the handbook.

ATTENDANCE (Board Policy #204)

Regular attendance is a prerequisite for educating the children of the Commonwealth. Curricula are planned and courses are taught as a progression of activities and ideas, with each day’s learning building on work previously completed. Attendance in class is a basic student responsibility and is important when awarding credit for a subject.  Excessive absenteeism can prevent students from experiencing the intended learning.


The Perkiomen Valley School District recognizes its responsibility to cooperate with students and their families to encourage regular daily attendance.


There are two designations for absences from school in Pennsylvania, excused and unexcused. An absence from school is categorized as excused when it is followed by a note that provides an acceptable reason for the absence within three days of the absence. This note may be sent as an email. The source of this email must be listed as a guardian contact email address on the district’s eSchoolPlus student information system.  An absence is categorized as unexcused when the child’s school has not received a note providing an acceptable reason for the absence within a three day time period.


1.    Students are required to present a written excuse note or email excuse by a parent/guardian to the attendance desk the first day back from an absence.  The note should include the date(s) of the absence(s), the reason(s) for the absence, and a parent’s/guardian’s signature. 

2.    A student who fails to provide an excuse note within three school days of his/her return will have the days of absence classified as “unexcused.” 

3.    Examples of excused absences include, but are not limited to: illness, death in the family, and natural disaster. Examples of unexcused absences and/or tardiness include, but are not limited to: missed the bus, alarm didn’t go off, shopping, or visiting a friend or family. 

4.    Students may not participate in extra-curricular functions, such as, but not limited to: dances, sports, intramurals, rehearsals, concerts, on the day they are absent or excessively late (after third period) to school.

5.    Parents are required to call the school before 8:30 a.m. when students will be absent during the day.

 6.    Any unexcused event automatically disqualifies a student for perfect attendance.

Excused Absences

  1. When a student accumulates six (6) excused absences, a parental conference may be requested. Concerns regarding absences will be addressed and the policy implementation procedures reviewed.
  2. When a student accumulates ten (10) excused absences, a parental conference will be arranged. A review of   the student’s attendance records and school attendance policies will occur. The student and parent(s) will develop a “Student Attendance Improvement Plan.”
  3. Excused absences beyond ten cumulative days require an excuse from a physician.

Please note:  Days of suspension are NOT included in the attendance policy. Educational trip days ARE included in the attendance policy.  The Administrative Team and Counseling Department may recommend options in support of regular school attendance.

Unexcused Absences

All absences are treated as unexcused until the school district receives a written excuse explaining the reason(s) for each absence. Parents/guardians and students should submit the written explanation within three calendar days of the absence. If they fail to provide a written excuse within three days of the absence, the absence will be permanently counted as unexcused.


  1. When a student has accumulated three unexcused absences, he/she is considered truant. The State defines truant as having “three or more school days of unexcused absence during the current school year.”  The school will notify the parent/guardian in writing within ten school days of a student’s third unexcused absence. 
  2. If a student continues to be truant and incurs additional absences after written notification has been issued, the school will offer the student and parent/guardian a student attendance improvement conference.
  3. When a student is habitually truant, defined as accumulating six unexcused absences:
    •  For students under 15 years of age, the school must refer the child to either: (1) a school-based or community-based attendance improvement program or (2) the county children and youth agency (CYS) for services or possible disposition as a dependent child under the Juvenile Act.  Additionally, the school may file a citation against the parent of a habitually truant child under 15 in a magisterial district court.


  • For students 15 years of age and older, the school must either: (1) refer the child to a school-based or community-based attendance improvement programor (2) file a citation against the student or parent in a magisterial district court.  If a habitually truant child aged 15 or older incurs additional absences after a school refers that child to an attendance improvement program or the child refused to participate in an attendance improvement program, the school mayrefer the child to the local CYS agency for possible disposition as a dependent child.


  1. The school will convene a student attendance improvement conference in all cases, regardless of age, when the school refers a habitually truant student to the courts or CYS. The school will develop an attendance improvement plan prior to referring any habitually truant cases to the court.
  2. The school will invite the following individuals to a student improvement attendance conference:
    • The student
    • Parent/guardian
    • Other individuals as identified by the parent/guardian
    • Appropriate school personnel
    • Recommended service providers (e.g. case managers, behavioral health providers, probation officers, children and youth practitioners, etc.)
  3. The school is required to hold the conference even in cases where the parent/guardian declines or fails to attend.  While there is not legal requirement for either a student or parent/guardian to attend an attendance improvement conference, it is strongly recommended by the school.