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Sept. 2, 2020

posted Sep 4, 2020, 11:11 AM by Jessica Lester

Good evening PV,

We are excited for the start of the school year.  Even though we are starting school in a virtual environment, please know the teachers and staff are working hard to prepare for the year.  We are getting closer to our anticipated opening of school next week, Sept 8th. 

We will follow a normal bell schedule while we are virtual and when we move to a hybrid schedule. This means classes will begin at the same time they would have begun if students were physically in the building.  

Bell Schedule






























Now this does not mean that students will be sitting in front of a computer for the entire 47 minutes with a four minute break in between classes.  Nor does it mean that students will only be watching a prerecorded video for the entire period.  

What will happen during classes will look different than it did in the spring.  We will be having real live classes held through the chromebook.  Students will see and interact with their teachers, participate in discussions, lectures, activities and more.  It should feel more similar to what students were used to before March 13th. 

Teachers have been setting up their google classrooms and their zoom information.  Please have your student log into Classlink before Sept 8 and log into their Google Classroom.  Your students’ classes should all be listed there. Have your student go into each classroom to identify the information about how they should access Zoom on Sept 8th. If you have questions about a google classroom please contact the teacher.

This fall, attendance and grading go back to normal. Students are expected to attend class every period. Attendance will be reported and recorded in our new student information system.  Parents will be able to view attendance for each period and for the day in ParentVue. If a student is sick for the day and cannot attend classes  parents will need to email Mrs. Berry at the attendance office  at HSAttendance@pvsd.org.  Also if the student needs to go to the orthodontist or a doctor and will miss some  classes that day, please also contact Mrs. Berry.

Students who are in study hall period 3 and all AM tech students must make sure to respond to the google form each day in order to be marked present.  

Please remind students to check their PVSD emails daily. Invitations to each teacher’s google classroom will be sent to the student’s email address.

Our tech department contacted all students who are new to the district to arrange a time for a chromebook grab and go.  Don’t forget that if you have issues with a chromebook please put in a help desk ticket at helpdesk@ovsd.org

High School Grab and Go Pick Up for classroom materials will take place for students on Thursday, September 10th and Monday, September 14th from 3pm until 6 pm.  Should a student participate in a sport or school activity and their time slot conflicts with practice, we will allow these students to come at 3 pm for pick up.

Not all students will need to participate in the grab and go.  Teachers will notify students during the first two days of class if a grab and go is needed for their course. 

The sign up sheet will be available next week. 


Please share this with your student:

Things to do before Sept 8th:

  1. Make sure the chromebook is working and charged.
    1. If you have an issue, email the PV Help Desk at helpdesk@pvsd.org ASAP
  2. Login to the device.
    1. If you have forgotten your password, instructions to reset your password can be found here https://accounts.pvsd.org/
  3.  Access and print a copy of the student’s  schedule
    1. We are using StudentVue
    2. This can be accessed through ClassLINK
  4. Have your student check the school email and the google classroom
    1.  Gmail Tips = how to access https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BO5CRNoAUmKiMjRHdkl2Ye-R1SldEXPc/view
    2. You may see an email from your teachers that includes an invitation to Google Classroom and/or a Google Calendar invite with the Zoom link for class - ACCEPT these invitations
    3. Check into each google classroom to see the Zoom link
  5.  Identify a learning space at home
    1. Set-up a quiet space in your home 
    2. Check the lighting
    3. Be close to an outlet so you can charge the computer

Do these things while learning each day

    1. Figure out which letter day it is so the student attends the right class for PE/Health/Labs
    2. Log-in to each class on-time.
    3. Turn on the lights in the room!
    4. Have all class materials next to you - notebooks, books, calculators, etc. 


Do these things after the school day to be ready for tomorrow

    1. Charge the computer
    2. If the student missed something during class, email the teacher.
    3. If the student had an issue with technology email the PV Help Desk (helpdesk@pvsd.org)
    4. Complete any assignments needed to prepare for the next day.

 We are looking forward to an exciting year!

Dr. Moss

Mr. Berk

Mr. Stipa 

Dr. Slavin